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Mercado bitcoin 30207.2 30226.3
SouthXchange 30436.2 30975
P2pb2b 30246.4 30357.7
YoBit 31105.2 31494.4 30251 30328
Exmo 33510.1 33525.8
Bitfinex 30313 30314

Crypto trading apps or platforms provide many opportunities to learn about trading while simultaneously making money. Here you will learn how to use the best and most professional leveraged trading platform for crypto!

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How it works

How to buy cryptocurrency

How to buy cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency wallets

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We use our agents and autobots for you to earn. Our robot represents special algorithm for cryptocurrency arbitrage, it uses indicators allowing you to understand how the market changes. This robot includes a smart system that will allow you to prevent losses when rate changes.


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Cryptocurrency buy and sell and exchange

If someone wants to buy and sell and exchange cryptocurrency, thus stepping into work with crypto and into its practical use, they need to learn some general tips on this phenomenon, it’s definitions, technologies involved, terms, principles and risks.


Buy crypto

Most people don’t need to buy crypto because their sphere of interests is restricted by the financial model they live in. To receive salary in fiat money, to pay the taxes, to provide themselves with food and clothing - and that’s enough. Even the online shop owners, webmasters, freelancers whose transactions are mostly being carried out in digital money, still avoid crypto transactions due to a high volatility of exchange rates and low transaction speed. Buying crypto is for those who understand the basics of the conventional monetary system and it’s accompanying phenomena such as inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, dependence on the hydrocarbon market, the launch of the printing press and many other circumstances which are far from the concept of stability. The people who control the printing press can easily and without any twinge of conscience devalue the results of labor or the savings of all the other people - and this is exactly what’s happened in the recent decades. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is a new phenomenon and only those who understand what it is truely like make their contribution by buying one or another crypto unit for the usual, fiat money. Investors and traders who buy various crypto units in order to preserve the assets or to earn money from exchange rates volatility, have entered the cryptocurrency market and not without a commercial interest too. Buying of crypto units such as BTC (bitcoin) begins with registration with the service, which provides a buyer an opportunity to purchase any crypto unit. Upon registration, a buyer is assigned a unique id granting the ability to link or create an unlimited number of cryptocurrency wallets. Further on, the procedure for acquiring a particular crypto unit comes down to a use of a completely understandable user interface.


Sell crypto

The cryptocurrency selling, depending on the volume of units sold, directly affects the exchange rate of the latter -  and that, going on the statistics of the last decade, is quite common. For people using cryptocurrency as means of saving assets, selling as a type of operation is extremely rare. Many well-known capitalists buy up cryptocurrency perfectly aware of its advantages over fiat currencies (they know exactly how everything works) and use it as a currency unit to avoid any unnecessary attention of the tax authorities.
Gross sales of cryptocurrency are usually caused by quite understandable circumstances associated with the desire of a large number of asset owners to withdraw their savings into fiat. Usually, the massive sale of cryptocurrency is driven by an artificially created event in the media.
Fake news makes people prone to panic to get rid of crypto in favor of the most “stable” asset in their opinion. For a long time and quite comfortably, the scalpers have been present in the crypto market - those who sell large volumes of cryptocurrency in order to make money on the fluctuations of exchange rates. I suppose it is now clear who finances the development and the publication of fake news stories in the media.
The procedure for selling cryptocurrency is simple and unsophisticated, but still there are some peculiar moments, namely, a rather low speed and volatile cost of withdrawal (service fee or commission), which depends on the fluctuations of the operations providing network load. If someone wants to save assets, they don't sell crypto.


Exchange crypto

The exchange of cryptocurrency from the BTC (bitcoin) to ETH (ethereum), in reverse or using another pair of crypto units, is usually carried out by miners or scalpers and, in very rare cases, by people who use crypto as means of the asset saving. The exchange procedure is simple and straight, and as a rule, is carried out quite quickly and with a pretty low commission. Most exchanges prefer to charge for the services in their own cryptocurrency, and that makes it necessary to exchange a part of the assets for this exact exchange unit. It is also crucial to remember that, unlike a standard banking operation, an exchange transaction can’t be reversed!

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